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We, Axis CPA office, provides full assistance to your tax refund from the APPLICATION of your return to the SUBMISSION to each tax office with MINIMUM FEE.

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Apply for your TAX refund with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a TAX professional. Axis CPA Office is the CPA group which is composed of well experienced CPAs who have extensive experience in this tax refund service. We are your PERSONAL tax accountant ! We, AXIS CPA Office, will provide you the best assistance so that you can receive maximum TAX refund.


Axis CPA Office cover all locations in Japan. Please don't hesitate to contact us and use our FREE CONSULTATION if you have any concern about your tax wherever you live !

How to get your tax refund back ?

Who are eligible to get tax refund?


★ Foreigners who work in Japan

★ Workers who remit to their family in their home country as living cost

★ Those who work as freelancers

★ Those who have already filed their tax return. (See note below)


Note : To those who have already filed their tax return, you can also receive tax refunds by submitting revised tax returns 5 years backwards.



What should we do before submitting the tax return ?


★ Prepare your remittance records, "Houtei Chousho" etc

★ Get your birth certificate etc (See note1 below)

★ Translate all documents to Japanese  (See note2 below)

★ Use certain tax exemptions effectively


Note1 : Birth certificate should be attached on your tax return form. If you remit to your family except parents, you need to prepare another documents as proof of your relationship with them. We will assist with your document preparation which you need.


Note2 : In 2017, some requirements on Japanese tax law have changed that every document which is attached on tax return should be translated to Japanese. Therefore, people who use tax exemptions will need to translate them to Japanese. We will provide the translation service without any additional fee.



When can you get your tax refund ?


Normally, it takes around 1 month and a half to get tax refund from submission date of the tax return. However, it depends on the process in each tax office. Moreover, it usually takes more than two months to get tax refunds from January to March because of their busy season. We recommend all customers to start this tax refund process ASAP.


Our Excellent Services
  • Service
    Full assistance to all customers

    Axis CPA Office commit to provide full support to all customers by providing these services:


    ★ Consultation on your income tax (Calculation, Tax planning, etc)

    ★ Filing the tax return forms

    ★ Communicating with tax authorities

    ★ Preparation of documents needed

    ★ Translation of documents for free


    You don't need to worry about your tax return ! Just contact us and get your tax refund in the comfort of your home.

  • Excellent services
    Give thorough explanation and professional advices

    Before applying for your tax refund, Axis CPA Office will discuss your taxation needs and explain about tax planning, as well as tax refunds.  After that, our affiliated tax accountant will apply for your tax refund.


    We can advise you on documents needed for tax refund application and provide you with interpretation and translation services.


    If you are no longer a resident in Japan because of a temporary overseas posting or if you have returned home, a reliable tax agent appointed by power of attorney will request a tax accountant to do the tax refund application on your behalf. This means that you can apply for the refund and safely receive the refund amount even while overseas. We will arrange and perform these tax refund procedures in a responsible way as well.

  • Fee
    Reasonable Fees

    We will provide our services with most SULIT fees to our customers. Our fee table is very simple and reasonable. The fee chart is below.


    MAXIMIZE your tax refund with MINIMUM professional fee !


    Payment type Fee Rates Minimum fee(*)
     Post paid 10% of Tax refund JPY 39,800-
     Deferred payment with deposit 15% of Tax refund JPY 49,800-
     Deferred payment without deposit 20% of Tax refund JPY 59,800-


     (*) Minimum fee will be applied in case of that calculated fee amount based on the chart above is less than each minimum fee amount.


    Axis CPA Office have adopted a contingency fee system, thus you don’t need to pay our service fee if you couldn’t get your tax return.


    We have a PROMOTION PROGRAM for group application and repeaters. You can get promo if you will use our service continuously or use our service with your friends, coworkers or relatives who work in Japan.


    Please try our FREE CONSULTATION ! we will estimate how much is your tax refund, your costs and net cash in flow.

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Our office is located in Shibuya Tokyo and cover all location in Japan.

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